The Global Information Network site says it’s a group of affluent, freedom lovin’, like-minded people who have gathered together in order to help one another move forward with business goals and life goals.

So, is that what it’s all about? It seems to depend on which site you come across online. Seems there’s one faction saying how bad the club is and another faction saying how great the benefits of membership in GIN are.

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Global Information Network Goals

The group’s goals are to help folks learn more in various areas, such as:

  • asset protection,
  • Law of Attraction principles,
  • investments (real estate, options, bonds, stocks),
  • banking,
  • money-making opportunities,
  • alternative health, etc

Sounds like areas any of us would want to know more about.

Kevin Trudeau & GIN

Much of the negative Internet chatter seems to revolve around the fact that Kevin Trudeau is involved with the Global Information Network.

He’s currently embroiled in a FTC lawsuit over a book he wrote called The Weight-Loss Cure.

This lawsuit seems to have found its beginnings before GIN was established in 2009 and doesn’t have anything to do with what GIN and its members are doing, but is more about government stooges being concerned with a book that says weight loss is “easy”.

Interesting to be railroading an author in the “land of the free”…Disturbing to see so many “Americans” happy to see him in trouble over it.

In any event, GIN members seem to enjoy all their benefits their membership dues provide, such as their weekly webinars, self improvement info, local Chapter Meetings, live seminars, etc.

Global Information Network Affiliate Program

GIN has an affiliate arm. I’ve read reports of folks saying it’s some sort of pyramid scheme. Again, misguided, because if you read their comp plan, you see that it’s a network marketing model, selling a very real product (the membership).

If it’s an illegal pyramid, then all the gyms out there better look out.

go5stareuropeThey truly do hold global training events, such as their 5 Star training in Germany…

Comp plan pays a generous 20% on GIN’s initiation fees and monthly membership dues and can result in a nice residual check. Platinum is the leadership level to reach as it creates a true residual income stream.

Of course, like any MLM program, you need to build a fairly large team, but that’s the basic nature of network marketing….

global information network get 3 pgm…However, they do offer double commissions throughout a new affiliate’s first 60 days, so a $1200 commission on your first 3 sponsored members is possible.

This is part of their “Get 3″ program.

They usually pay $200 on the initiation fee so this aspect to their compensation plan provides the opportunity to earn $1200 instead of the $600.

free gin carYou can also qualify for a free car, paid for by GIN.

How do I know all this info about their membership and their affiliate program?

Because I actually joined as a full-fledged member at one point.

Am I still a member of the Global Information Network?

Check out the Global Information Network Insider Report for more details…

Go Ahead…Click Here For The Full GIN Insider Report

The Money Effect Review…Let’s Find Out If You’ll Finally Make Money Online

Let’s Get You Inside The Money Effect

the money effect will help your internet marketing

the money effect review

There’s a lot of nonsense right now going around the Internet about how you can get rich in two days doing nothing but pushing a few buttons (by the way, I’ve been online since 2005 and I’d love to know where those buttons are!).

Bringing Meaning to This Situation

make money effectHave you ever been pitched by someone marketing stuff online about the “Lazy Man’s Way to Online Riches”?

You know, that whole idea about how it’s possible to join some system and all of sudden, almost by magic, you’ll be rich in the blink of an eye?

That’s what some of us are simply tired of. It’s wrong and it’s all a lie.

Who Created the Money Effect?

Andrew Murray and Michael Somerville put this project together in response to folks like me who are simply looking for a way to be authentic in how we teach others how to properly build a business through this awesome tool called the Internet.

The main theme threaded through The Money Effect trainings is to teach you how to make money in any niche you desire. Did you know that the Internet marketing niche isn’t the only niche? lol

We know that and that’s why we’re all going to be working together to help you learn how to investigate and work in other niches you actually have a PASSION for…great concept, huh?

What Will You Get Inside The Money Effect?

Tools That Work: Michael & Andrew have put together some of the most top-notch tools, plugins, custom software, etc and you’re gonna have full access.

Traffic Generation: Frustrated with how to properly generate TARGETED traffic to your offers? This is gonna get solved quickly for you.

Lead Generation: You’re going to learn exactly how to capture that traffic into your autoresponder at much better conversion rates than you’re probably getting now.

Sales Conversion: How to most effectively convert your better traffic and lead numbers into higher sales numbers.

Local Marketing: How to use tools that work in helping you generate income straight from your local market.

Sales Funnels Built Out For You

Pre-Built Websites

Expert Marketers: You’ll have access to extra monthly trainings from other expert marketers brought in for us by Andrew and Michael.

the money effect review

You Making Money

Of course, your goal is to increase the amount of income you can pull into your bank account from the Internet. The trainings will teach you how to sell absolutely anything in any niche you desire to work in.

If you do want to stay inside the Internet marketing niche, then re-selling The Money Effect is going to be an excellent choice for you. It pays on 3 levels (this isn’t MLM…it’s an affiliate commission schedule):

Level 1: Unlimited 50% Commissions
Level 2: Unlimited 20% Commissions
Level 3: 5% Unlimited Commissions

If you sell the following quantities within your first 30 days, you also receive these bonus payouts:

15 = $300
50 = $1000
100 = $1500

Bottom Line RE: The Money Effect

The Money Effect was born out of a desire by some of us to see less hype and whole lot more truth used by folks who are making money selling stuff to other folks looking to learn how to make make money online…

Wow…who would have thought of that?

The overall idea here is to create products, services, and trainings that actually teach you real marketing strategies all businesses online use to attract targeted prospects they can build an honest relationship with in order to ultimately create a mutually beneficial sale.

Too often, this isn’t what happens in the Internet marketing niche. Instead, slick marketers get people worked up into an emotional frenzy, believing that if they just spend another $997 on this Magic Gizmo Product or System, that all of a sudden, you’ll be rich by this weekend, sitting on a beach, drink and girl in hand, doing absolutely nothing.

Look, if you want to earn money online, you’re gonna have to hustle in the beginning. Of course, you can build to the point where you back off and realize great profits “today” for work you did “yesterday”.

But, if you’re not ready to “get to work” first, then you should just go away, sell your computer, and get an offline job. You’ll never make REAL money on the Internet with that type of mentality (actually, you won’t make real money anywhere).

The Money Effect review is here to offer you a different path. Through The Money Effect, you’ll have access to tools, trainings, and a community that will support you in your efforts to earn online.

Will it make you rich by tomorrow doing nothing?

NO! But, if you merge the teaching with your hard work and desire, then YES, you’ll make a ton of money through the Internet.

the money

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Global Information Network?

It’s quite simple, actually, but first things first:

If you’re seriously interested in joining the Global Information Network & have already been introduced to Your Wish Is Your Command and GIN by someone else, you MUST contact them & join through that person.

If you’re truly interested & don’t have anyone else helping you, then click here and join with this code: 1502568

My assistant will then be in touch with you and we’ll get you started correctly.

Here are your options for joining & this is exactly how much it costs to join GIN:

join global information network

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This Kid John Gets Caught On Camera With Sprinkles On His Face

John, The Sprinkle Faced Kid On Ellen, Is Hilarious

He gives great answers to Ellen, such as “yes” when she asks him if she’s the most beautiful women he’s ever seen, if he’s ever read her book (he’s 3!) or if he’s ever driven a car.

Funny stuff…

On the video, he has sprinkles all over his face, yet keeps telling his mom he didn’t eat anything.

SO, Ellen gives him a free shirt that says, “I wasn’t on Ellen”…she also rolls out a huge table for him loaded with sprinkles.

More Info On John, The Lying Sprinkle Boy From The Ellen Show

The video got mixed responses, with some identifying and finding the kid cute and others bothered by his lack of honesty and calling the kid a “brat.” Appearing with his mother, Erica Boarman, John finally admitted that he ate the sprinkles and was allowed to eat as many as he wanted. more

In one week Erica Boarman’s video of her 3-year-old son John lying about eating sprinkles has been seen over 2 million times. Ellen DeGeneres features John and Erica on her show today where John finally admits to eating the sprinkles and Ellen puts John to the test to see if he learned his lesson. more

ellen and sprinkle boy

Like To Know How To Share Viral Vids & Make Money At It?

I get paid to share funny vids and stories like this because I’m placing all this on what’s called an Authority Blog that Google loves to rank up high. Folks find my content on this blog and when they click on the links to the side or top, enter their email, receive follow up and buy products from those emails, I’m paid a commission.

It’s a lot of fun and allows me to post in my underwear…or in real clothes…just depends on the day!

Like to know more? Just take 3 steps:

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Plus, in your email box, you’ll receive my FREE ebook that explains this process of making money blogging in great detail. So click here and I’ll See you there!


Creating a Wonderful Life in Your World Opens Up Happiness

Understand Your Vibrational Frequency

Simply by your intention and the words you say to yourself and out loud, you create a frequency that attracts people, circumstances & events that will help you achieve more of “THAT”…

…meaning if you’re putting out negative feelings, a negative vibration, you’re telling the universe to bring you more of that. If you’re putting out positive feelings, a positive vibration, then you’re attracting more positive in your life.

It really is that simple! I’m talking about the Law of Attraction here & it’s vital to creating a wonderful life for yourself.

Law of Attraction Quotes

As you perceive something, you give birth to a thought, and this thought now thinks. Now that it exists, now that it has been conjured, now that it has been focused,now it vibrates. Now, by Law of Attraction, other thoughts that are vibrationally same will come to it. So it begins its expansion immediately. — Abraham

Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances. — The Secret

“Everyone visualizes whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success.” – Genevieve Berhrend

Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you. — Abraham

“The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of into your life.”        - Jack Canfield

“The best way to overcome undesirable or negative thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones.”- William Walker Atkinson

I Encourage You To Go Create a Wonderful Life

Everything you need to live the life you desire is already within you. Simply tap into that part of you that is passionate and excited. Feel the feelings of success before you have that success and you’ll achieve your success.

Don’t be afraid of the power you have inside. It’s magical and so are you!

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